Five Simple Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Five Simple Steps To Achieve Your Goals

By: Kirk Vickers owner of Triad Health & Fitness

1. Write down your goals. We hear about people setting goals all the time, but how many of us have written goals? Many will talk about goals or the things they want to accomplish, but few will actually write them down. Writing our goals down gives us more clarity and a stronger sense of commitment. “If it’s worth doing… it’s worth writing down”.

2. Make your goals believable and measurable. Goals should not be feelings or impossible thoughts or wants, but rather something we can measure and quantify. Knowing we can achieve our goals through some discipline, consistency, and hard work gives them some meaning. Our goals should stretch us, but not into the realm of impossibility. Just as important, if you cannot measure or quantify your goal there is no real way of knowing when you have success!

3. Goals should have completion dates. No completion date leads to procrastination. Isn’t it true that when someone gives us a deadline we tend to accomplish more? Put a completion date on each of your goal!

4. Speak and write as if your goals have already been accomplished. Avoid words and phrases such as: “I will;” “I want to;” or “I’ll try.” These only create loopholes and do not force us to commit. We don’t “want to,” “will,” or “try”…. we DO! We speak and write as if there is no way we cannot succeed. Ask any athlete how they think before going into competition; they are always confident and committed to their success.

5. Finally, read your goals daily (visual), say your goals out loud daily (auditory), and rewrite your goals weekly (kinesthetic). These tasks help solidify your goals by engaging all of your senses.

Goals should not be overly wordy, but should be sharp, tight, and to the point. Make 2015 a great year for yourself by creating a road-map for success…. well written and stated GOALS!

Have a great New Year from everyone at TRIAD Health & Fitness!!!

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